"Best 2K I Ever Spent" How Not To Pose With Your Oscar

by Mara Siegler · February 25, 2011

    Just winning should be the hard part.  But from the looks of these photos, some actors and actresses struggle with the post-award photo call.  It's a moment that requires class, elegance, and reverence to your industry and there are some things that should clearly be avoided. Below is a guide on how not to pose with the Academy Award.

    Do not pretend to eat it. You might be trying to say, "Hey, I haven't changed now that I've won this big fancy award. I'm the same old funny, silly, laid back guy who doesn't take himself seriously." No one believes this. If you just won the Academy Award you haven't been a regular old Joe in a long time.

    Same goes for throwing it in the air.

    Try not to look like you are pumping iron or getting a good workout from it.

    This is not Barnum and Bailey. It is not your friend's house party. It is not try outs for America's Got Talent. You just won an Oscar. You've made it. You can stop trying so hard now.

    It can be deceiving but the statuette is not a bong. You can not smoke it no matter how much you try.

    This should go without saying. Do NOT stick the award into any orifices.

    Do not kiss it in lewd places.

    If you are going to smooch your statuette, take a clue from these ladies.

    And remember, a three way is good.

    But a four way is better.

    It's really not that hard. Just look like it's the happiest moment of your life.  Say the words, "You like me! You really like me!" for added emphasis.

    Marion Cotillard

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