"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Jared Leto's Paris Concert

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · March 10, 2010

    jared letoWe watched as Jared Leto went to New York Fashion Week, got a mohawk at the end of fashion week, reunited with Claire Danes, and now we've followed him all the way to Paris to catch a glimpse of him and his band, "Thirty Seconds to Mars" on their tour. [photos via cobrasnake]

    There are many phases to putting on a concert, as any musician will tell you. Phase one can simply be called, "prep." This involves testing your earpiece, taking to the sound guy and gal, and making sure your whites are at their whitest and your reds are at their reddest.

    Phase two is "introduction." This is when Jared and his bandmates greet the fans and give a quick rundown of what they can expect to see during the show. But they're careful to warn them they will not be served an in-flight meal. That's just not part of the deal.

    Phase three is pretty open-ended and varies from performance to performance, but it is always categorized by some sort of security intervention. Below, note the "extended grab" technique. Very effective, yet very risky.

    For the most part, the fans' excitement peaks during this phase.

    Some fans, however, realize they stumbled into the wrong venue.

    But that's not Jared's problem, and after satisfying the majority of the crowd, he enters into phase four -- which is celebrating a good show by hanging out with pretty people. One of whom, seems to be shocked Jared is Jared! Or maybe is relieved he changed out of his sweaty shirt? Who knows.

    And the last (but certainly not the least!) phase is phase five, when everybody eats peanut butter. Duh.