"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" JRL Hits Up Brunch At Revel

by Chiara Atik · January 25, 2010

    It wasn't just the usual crowd at last Sunday's Day & Night brunch at Revel: among the sea of familiar faces were a few VIPs, including Justin Ross Lee, who has been hanging out with some Jersey Shore-ers as of late...-

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    Are you surprised that this photograph exists? And are you surprised that Justin captioned it on his facebook profile as "The REAL SitJEWation"?

    Didn't think so. In fact, Justin is sort of what we imagined the mythical Joe Sorrentino might look like...

    Back to Revel.

    JRL came to the brunch with Logan Byrnes of Fox News Connecticut, who so graciously posed for a photograph. Also at Sunday's festivities? Revel owner Paolo Secondo, who chose his own restaurant in which to celebrate his birthday alongside Day & Night Brunch founder Derek Koch. Secondo is also the owner of I Tre Merli, whose recent renovations have generated a bit of buzz.

    Justin Ross Lee, Logan Byrnes, Drew DiRissi

    Paolo Secondo, Derek Koch