Mary Rambin Officially Leaves NonSociety, Launches "More Than Mary" Today!

by Rachelle Hruska · April 13, 2009

    Well she finally did it.  Mary Rambin took the plunge and officially left NonSociety today to start her own site of interesting women telling you how to live... "More than Mary" is going to be more than just Mary.  You see, apparently Mary is trying to do what NonSociety set out to do from the beginning. Click below for more...


    Consider me, Mary Rambin, your portal to a world of opinions and life experiences. Some my own, others belonging to people I admire.

    We share our thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from fashion to fitness, food and travel, and whatever makes us smile. But more importantly you'll see how these themes exist in our day to day lives.

    None of us claim to be experts, we're just sharing our experiences....

    ...One constructed (and hopefully not misconstrued) post at a time.

    Thoughts? Questions? Misplaced Internet Aggression?

    She's actually chosen a vertical scrolling system, which, in only one day puts her ahead of NonSociety.  So, are you going to read "More than Mary?"  And, how does ex-partner Julia (who has still has Mary's site on NonSociety up and running), feel about the new site???

    See's happy for her bunny of course!