Our Polo Cups Runneth Over, But With What?

by Joseph Russell · July 18, 2008

    daytime drinking [Image via Pink Poodle Princess]

    I went once to the horse races in Sarasota, and what I remember more than the barreling steeds is the rampant inebriation. Save for my twelve-year-old self, every spectator seemed to sport a ruddy face, soppy shirt, and either a cooler of Bud or a jug of planter's punch. I know that polo's only similarity to horse racing is the horse part, but, judging from this video and the fact that it is an open-air, summertime event, I'm guessing that this weekend's crowd is going to be somewhat loosened up.

    My question is: with what? Does beer even make the cut? And if so must it be imported and rare? Or do grapes beat hops? And what about liquor? My mom told me I'd be safe with a Pimm's cup. She might have been kidding. Aidez-moi, s'il vous plait!

    [Bridgehampton Polo: What's In Store]