This July will mark polo’s 20th summer in the Hamptons. Always attracting a colorful crowd of A-list attendees, the high-goal polo matches held on Saturdays in July and August feature some of the world’s most prestigious players, including the esteemed Nacho Figueras (who is as talented as he is handsome). These games can often resemble that of a luxury tailgate with celebrity guests in attendance and high-end sponsors such as St. Regis, Ralph Lauren, Piaget, and Bugatti to name a few. 

With everyone dressed to the nines, it all feels like one fantasy land of beauty, class and elegance. This aside, there’s always a certain air of mystery that surrounds Polo and its jaw-dropping players - who are these gorgeous, sun kissed human beings galloping along on horseback? Where do they go every winter? How can I get that lifestyle? Do they sell it at Barneys?

[Photos courtesy Nacho Figueras & Delfina Blaquier]