Live From The Hampton Library

by Joseph Russell · July 10, 2008

    bridgehampton libraryI know, I am pretty cool. Thanks be to the tipster who informed me of BHamp library's free wifi. This library sprawls about its small, well-landscaped lot, and it has squashy armchairs inhabited by dozing, horn-rimmed elderly. I haven't had time to check out the selection yet, but I'm definitely digging the slightly fusty vibe, and the fact that, apart from yours truly's, there is not an electronic device to be seen.

    Plus the yard has a nearly full bike-rack, and three of the bikes have wicker baskets. Where did they get them??? And why did I forget my camera?  Anyway, Rachelle and I testing out the beds at Surf Lodge tonight, but from here on out, this libary's going to be my office. If you're bored, feel free to come say hello!