An Insider's Guide To The Most Luxurious Yachts At Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival is the most coveted week in the South of France. For filmmakers, the Hollywood elite, fashion and jewelry designers and (of course) jet setters, Cannes is where you want to be. And, if you are so lucky, instead of staying in one of the famous hotels along the Promenade de la Croisette, you’re spending your days aboard a mega luxury yacht (that’s a vessel at least 150’ ft.).

If you want to know the inside scoop on mega yachts during the Cannes Film Festival you’ve come to the right place. As Founder of The Vanity Group, a New York-based luxury lifestyle management company, my job comes with many cool perks. In a nutshell, we service both A-list celebrities and powerhouse brands by producing their ultra private events and high-end luxury concierge requests. From those impossible-to-get restaurant reservations that must have a private back door entrance, to producing lavish red carpet events for The GRAMMYs, to planning a last-minute getaway in Dubai on a private jet with 30 of their closest friends, we make the impossible happen. One of those perks is organizing highly complex trips and parties for my top A-list clients in some of the most glamorous destinations in the world.

From my many years of navigating the world of yachting with the rich and über famous during Festival de Cannes, here are some gems that I know of for sure.

[Photos via Justin Jay]