Jennifer Lopez proved that age is just a number this weekend. The pop star turned 47 and threw a bash that’d make any youngin’ green with envy. J. Lo met up with some famous friends following her show that night in Las Vegas. Not only does she look absolutely smokin’ for a mom of two in her late forties, but she also knows how to party like a 20-something. 

Among the star-studded guests were some of Taylor Swift’s biggest fans: ex-beau Calvin Harris was photographed standing next to Jenny From the Block and Kim K. (awesome). Personally, we think it’s so great that Taylor was outed as the scaly, duplicitous, attention-craved celeb that she is – and what’s even better is how Kim is just reveling in the moment and helping make it last forever. The reality TV star can be seen with Calvin and co. lip-syncing lyrics to Kanye’s controversial “Famous”, in which he bashes T. Swift and takes credit for her fame. Wrong or right, the whole beef is pretty great, and the Kardashian Queen is really handling it like a pro. Kim Snapchatted the whole affair and made sure that the world knew who made that b***h famous.