Katy Perry Crashes A Prom...And She Liked It

by NATASHA STORER · August 16, 2010

    On a promotional tour for her new "Teenage Dream" album in Australia, Katy Perry shocked a bunch of high-school seniors, by really giving them a prom to remember and turning up unannounced as entertainment for the night.


    While staying at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne, Perry, alongside her gal pal (a pseudo celeb in Australia herself for being a lesbian chic/MTV presenter) Ruby Rose, got wind of well educated Melbourne High School hosting their senior prom in the same hotel.

    Deciding to crash the event, Perry waltzed into the centre of the hotel function room, declaring ''Well, this is boring," and started singing along with Beyonce's "Single Ladies", which is when the dazed students finally became aware they had the real soon to be Mrs. Brand in their midst. The DJ himself quickly switched to Perry's song "California Gurls" as the students swarmed around Perry for an impromptu jamming sess. Sure beats the lame-ass wedding singer bands at our ol' proms!

    Perry was on Twitter by 11.45pm, boasting of her efforts:

    ''I totes just crashed a prom!''

    Considering her new album is called Teenage Dream, it was a pretty appropriate publicity stunt to make a lot of teenage dreams come true that night. As the student council president of the school that is better known for its academic prowess stated:

    ''It will certainly bring up the school's party reputation, no school will ever beat that.''

    Photos as tweeted by Perry's partner in crime Ruby Rose, who tweeted; "I don't know who's year 12 formal it was but nothing was going to stop @katyperry from gate crashing it.."

    [Photos courtesy of Prusoth Yoga]