Gigi Hadid, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner

"Never say never." That's what our favorite lesbian hair icon optimistic mugshot poser confusing tattoo aficionado pop provocateur said to his haters when they questioned whether he would actually make it to his 21st birthday. Well, the day had finally come when on March 1st JB casually rented a private island off of Grenada to pop champagne with his nearest and dearest, obviously himself shirtless and obviously to 50 Cents' lyrically genius tune "In Da Club" (thank you TMZ and Ryan Seacrest). But the big 2-1 celebrations aren't ending there! The Biebs is taking the party stateside in two weeks when he'll be birthday partying again at the opening of Vegas' newest club, Omnia.

This self-described "ultra lounge" in Ceasars Palace seems like the perfect place for a discreet, sophisticated entry into true adulthood well in line with what Justin recently declared in the April issue of Men's Health: "It's time for me to grow up." This doesn't mean, however, that GofG still doesn't have certain expectations for the bash. We put our party planning hats on and compiled a list of what we count on seeing on this Canadian national holiday in Sin City.