Tigers... It's Reunions Time!

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · May 28, 2010

    Princeton alumni will have a wholly different reason to celebrate and drink beer this weekend... its time for Reunions 2010!!


    School's out for summer... what are America's brightest and preppiest to do?! Have a weekend-long kegger, of course!

    Multiple generations of Princeton alumni (plus their family and friends) journey to New Jersey for a trip that tends to be more Jersey Shore than Ivy League.


    Thankfully, some dutiful Tweeters are keeping us updated on the latest Black & Orange festivities. So far, scandal free... but the weekend's only just begun!

    @juliaallison 1) I just did yoga in the middle of the athletic field 2) The Princeton dorm I'm staying in makes the ashram look like The Four Seasons.

    If Julia Allison isn't getting you tigers excited, maybe another social media lady will?

    @caro Off we go to @ptonreunions. Maybe I can regain the @foursquare mayorship of Cloister Inn.

    By Sunday, lectures and yoga will presumably turn into this:

    [Image via GQ.com]