Daily Style Phile: Alexa Chung Crosses The Pond

by CARSON GRIFFITH · May 1, 2009

    Topshop's not the only thing in fashion being brought over from the Brits. The latest London craze taking over Manhattan (and the US, for that matter) is Alexa Chung, the multi-talented, bi-cultural beauty who is no longer reserving those long legs of hers for the runways - or the British airways. The model/television presenter/writer has just touched down from London-town: Just landed in the big apple. Its boiling! (5:28pm Apr 27th from Twitterberry) said @alexa_chung. She's officially here, and just in time: The Alexa Chung Show premieres on June 15th on MTV, which will be a combo of celebrity interviews and musical performances. One of the big keys to the daily show will be online viewer interaction - Facebook is working with MTV as a partner in the series and the station is reaching out to Twitter too. Chung was chosen because despite the fact she is a model, she has a personality that is relatable - whether she's writing about a hangover or discussing weird dreams with fashion magazines. The 25 year old is quirky and honest, and most importantly she has the experience and brains.

    She dropped modeling after four years (last fall she returned to the catwalk however), and she switched to television presenting for England's T4 for soft-news programs which helped secure her the role as a British fashion-obsession. She never quite showed up on the mainstream radar here in the States until recently, but regardless, she still made it on multiple best-dressed lists on both sides of the pond.

    And now that she's about to become an official New York resident - rumor has it Brooklyn is her borough of choice - let's see if Alexa Chung-mania starts up in her new city of choice. Because trust us when we say this girl's fashion career has definitely left an impact on her wardrobe. You may remember the on-again off-again model from her early work in the 90s: Adverts for Tampax, Fanta, Sony Ericsonn and Sunsilk, and spreads in teen magazines. But if not, don't fret, because what Alexa is really known for isn't her early modeling career anyway, which she claims gave her a "distorted body image" and "low self-esteem" back then (Really? Modeling? Noo. We're shocked). It was her turn to British television presenting on T4, which initially landed her a spot as one of Britain's "It" girls. What does Alexa think of this honor? “There’s not much to being an It girl. It’s really quite a depressing title to hold." Ok, Alexa, we'll have to trust you on that one, but feel free to give us some tips any time you like.