Daily Style Phile: Dree Hemingway

by CARSON GRIFFITH · April 22, 2009

    If you are wondering how it's possible for a girl like Dree Hemingway to just pop onto the social scene out of nowhere at the age of 21, you may want to spend a second Google-ing her alter ego. No, the ballerina-cum-model isn't in the witness protection program, but the great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway has spent the majority of her life flying under the radar as Dree Crisman. Since embracing her famous middle name, like her mother Mariel Hemingway, she has signed with Elite models, been involved in multiple acting projects, appeared in everything from Vogue to Interview and was booked exclusively for the Givenchy Fall '09 runway. But even more so than what's she's doing, we're really interested in what Miss Hemingway is wearing...


    Dree is known for her famous Parisian style which is a combination of high and low designers (think a vintage plaid shirt she wore over an Agent Provocateur bra - her favorite lingerie designer) and a look that is both done and undone at the same time. She herself says Edie Sedgwick in Ciao Manhattan is one of her influences, and her love of vintage reflects this. While her favorite designers of Balmain, Alexander Wang, Givenchy and Balenciaga may seem mainstream and uncreative at first, you have to give props to the girl who will throw a Zara blazer on to head to the New York City Ballet's opening night. Then again, you'll be just as likely to covet the costly Chanel bag she's carrying - afterall, she is a Hemingway. And now that she dropped the Crisman, and she's making waves in the fashion world and on the runways, it's unlikely that you'll forget it.

    Dree Hemingway on WhoWhatWear

    Dree Hemingway, Vogue Photoshoot