Rose Bar Takes Home The Gold

by Rachelle Hruska · April 17, 2008

    rose bar Which venue has the highest quality female talent? So was the first question, of what we are led to believe will be many, in DBTH's new "polls". Maybe his readers are smarter than we thought, Rose Bar (a favorite of mine) took home the gold, (um duh) with Beatrice Inn following. I won't even start to try and guess why DBTH chose to include TenJune, Marquee and StudioB on the same list yet failed to put on 1 Oak or even Submercer...a crazy cat that one. The comments may have been the best part about this little charade of his, namely this one:

    "1oak = cheesebola; tenjune, marquee, stereo, cain have all had their day; upstairs can be good/bad; beatrice is laughable, the place smells like pee and so do the chix, butter/monday = cheesbola part 2; bar martignetti is a semi-fav; goldbar is for the real housewives of new york; submercer is currently the hot ticket - no doubt"

    Mostly loved this one because it's so obvious how bad Beatrice Inn smells, yet no one actually acknowledges it when you're there, oh and I just finished the "Real Housewives" finale, love the association with Goldbar, can completely 100% see them there (not that that's a bad thing...Izzy Gold we love you;)