subMercer Selling Out

by Rachelle Hruska · April 1, 2008


    digital adsOn MRod Nation Today:

    "So apparently the new In-possible to get pass the door bar is SubMercer–that bar in the basement of celebu-posh Mercer Hotel.

    But what does it mean for these discreet bars when the digital advertising screens in the elevator of my large corporate office building spotlights them, as it did with the SubMercer this morning on my ride up to my office, as the new “It” bar in New York City?"

    Sad. Now, in all fairness, we are not aware of where MRod works, or what this ad may have looked like, but this does not bode well for keeping the "secret" a secret. What's the point of advertising in this manner when the majority of the people that see it will never have a chance of getting into the place??? This "it" bar will not be "it" for long if it keeps this up.

    UPDATE: (from our tip box): "The building in question is One Penn Plaza in the heart of MSG and Macy's..."

    [subMercer Is Officially The New "Cool Kids" Club House]