How Not To Spend $24,000

by AMANDA MELILLO · April 1, 2008

    soho house pool [Photo via Daily Mail]

    Have you ever watched Sex and the City and sighed about how your life is devoid of an endless parade of Manolos, hideous outfits that Carrie only wears because they're designer, and men that come and go through revolving doors? For the bargain price of $24,000, you can pretend that you're in the show--for five nights only, that is, and probably only if you don't already live in New York. The Daily News is reporting the a high-end travel company is recreating the glitz of the show by waltzing tourists through some of the show's locations, including a first stop at members-only Soho House and lunch at Cafeteria. (You know, they had to find the places that were still in business since SATC went off the air.)

    While some of the idea is sort of laughable--including how the company vows to give patrons the chance to hook up with "real New York guys", who are so clearly different than any other regular Joe due to habitat--they do get to walk away with some good swag, including Takashimaya, Jimmy Choo, and a Patricia Field handbag that was never released, and fingers crossed that the reason WASN'T because it was too ugly for display. And the interesting part of the story, which the Daily News buried in their gasping about how super-cool an exclusive cocktail party at Jimmy Choo would be, is that one of the first to book was a woman from Singapore, where the show was banned due to racy content. Lady, welcome to our city. I hope that you get drunk on Cosmos, strut in your Jimmy Choos, and get some with a New York bachelor with a debauchery so complete that it would probably get you banned from going back home--but what happens in New York stays in New York, and I hope we show you a good time.