Dear Natty,

I’m planning a summer wedding, and the last thing on my list is to find dresses for my bridesmaids! I hate the idea of matching mint green taffeta, and don’t really want to do anything custom. Are there any stylish alternatives out there? How do I know what types of normal dresses might work for a wedding??

There are so many challenges to dressing your bridesmaids for a wedding… Keeping the price accessible for everyone, suiting different body types – and of course you want everyone to look lovely while standing beside you on the big day! But there’s no rulebook stating that bridesmaid dresses must be born with that purpose specifically. Why not try a cocktail dress, or even just a sweet sundress depending on the formality of the ceremony? This way, your besties may ACTUALLY get to wear the thing again (never true of most bridesmaid dresses, no matter what the bride says). Here are the do’s and dont's to choosing a great cocktail frock to take the place of your silk-shantung nightmare.

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