Everything You Need To Know About Pitti Uomo 88

If you don't know by now what Pitti Uomo exactly is, here's a simple explanation: menswear. Starting on June 16th, both renown and aspiring brands and their prospective buyers will come together to view upcoming Fall 2015 collections. What's unique from your typical fashion week is that Pitti is the foundation of imminent success or failure in the fashion marketplace. It's more than gawking at the runway; it's about direct propositions between designers and buyers both envisioning future trends.

This year, with 1150 brands originating from all across the globe, men's fashion will once again be reinvented by the distinctive tastes and concepts of international artists. For those aspiring for a fresh look but don't know where to start, Pitti Uomo will give you an early sneak peek at what will hit retail stores over the fall.

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