French Vogue way cooler than Wintour’s

by guestofaguest · November 20, 2007

    andre j

    Anyone else remember André J.? He was the "Muse" in New York's Look Book back in March. You know, the one that no one really took seriously and Gawker bashed? (It was all in good fun of course). Well this ex-Patricia Fields store worker, Richie Rich-clan-bearded-homegirl is the new cover model for French Vogue, posing on the current issue with American Supermodel Carolyn Murphy (it seems the French are stealing the best of our fashion divas). We bet there's some pretty upset stylists here in New York, how could they have missed such a fantabulous creature as this? French Vogue is so much cooler than Wintour's. Even Jezebel picked up on that.

    Andre J. in vogue

    We Love you André J. and want you BACK!

    andre Jandre jandre jwith richie rich