7th on Sale

by guestofaguest · November 16, 2007

    7th on sale

    Last night was the ever popular 7th on Sale event sponsered by CFDA at the 69th Regiment Armory.  I won't bother naming names of the people there...because everyone that's anyone in fashion was there along with hords of celebrities.  Go here to read a full recap that is way more detailed than I could ever do or wish to do.  Anyone can go there through Sunday to peek through the left-overs.  There is also an ebay site with items up for bid here.  It IS for a good cause (AIDS).  Anyway, what I really care about are pics like the one below of Mary Kate.  Do you love or hate getup?

    mary kate olsen

    I have to give my verdict which may surprise you....I love it! I am in love with those shoes and wish I had this exact outfit so I could wear it out every night.  This is the cutest I have seen that little twin since her Michelle Tanner days.

    So, if you missed the dinner (pricetag=$5,000), or the dessert ($300), you should go to the public sale day sessions ($20).  My friend that works at Vogue says it's full of goodies, and I believe her...as well as her wanting the whole thing to just be OVER.