Marc Jacobs the Bad Ass

by guestofaguest · October 19, 2007


    The mid-life crisis of designer Marc Jacobs seems to be continuing on...and it's something we are just fascinated by.  Here's a photo from the shot Mr. Jacobs did for Arena Homme Plus magazine, which he is on the cover of for their winter/spring issue.  Jezebel reports on the more interesting pieces of the article including these tidbits:

    -Marc has several weird tattoos, including one of Carol Anne and our favorite, the M&M (shown above).

    -He is a grown up now, at 44 years and recently discovered his love of jewels:

    "I have become very addicted to jewelry lately. I started to buy myself diamonds on my birthday this year -- I was 44. I bought myself diamond earrings, put them on and thought, I like this. So then I bought myself a bracelet. Then I bought myself a necklace. Then I bought myself a watch. Then I thought, 'You're turning into Pharrell Williams.' Actually I am not turning into anybody. I am probably going through some phase, but I am enjoying every minute of it."

    -He got the M&M tattoo on his birthday because he wanted his own initial but only in the "context of something really stupid"

    -He admits he may be experiencing a mid-life crisis, though is enjoying every minute of it.

    We say: Enjoy away Marc!  This character almost lives up to the nerd-in-glasses-and-prep-clothes-yet-really-a-druggie look you won us over with when you entered the scene years ago.