Repeat after me: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! We’ve heard this mantra a thousand times, but what if we added one more… one perfectly suited for the fashion set: reSALE! In honor of Earth day, rather than the standard “highlight-your-favorite-eco-brands” article, I have decided to dedicate this post to the most literally fashion forward form of recycling: resale. Because one woman’s trash really is, another woman’s treasure.

Resale is a way for old items to become new again, by going from one closet to another. The best way to get there? Via a consignment store. Great clothes should not be disposable. Reselling your old wears is a brilliant way to get some cash back in your pocket, cash that can be put towards whatever new items you have on your shopping list! But the benefits go both ways - and shopping consignment gives savvy fashionphiles a chance to nab pre-loved (and often brand new!) designer duds at a fraction of the original cost.

While every well-dressed New Yorker will readily tell you the label of the dress she’s wearing, what she might not mention is that she bought it for 60% off at a consignment store. Heck, even the legendary, Patricia Fields tapped INA when wardrobing the girls of Sex and the City back in the day. One of the city’s best-kept secrets, the model of the designer resale boutique THRIVES here; due to overflow of fashion, plus apartment living and limited closet space.

But New Yorkers aren’t the only lucky ones with access to these deals.  Check out our slideshow for the low-down on my 10 favorite places (in no particular order) to buy and sell designer duds, in NYC and beyond…including plenty online. So go ahead, celebrate Earth Day with some recycled fashion!

Happy Earth Day! Xx Natty


* For all of these shops you must make an appointment before bringing items to sell. Check with the shop before you go to confirm what brands and season they will accept.

* Consider the neighborhood and location in regards to the type of merchandise they carry. Usually, more expensive neighborhoods tend to have higher-end stuff, due to the convenience of locals.