Laser-Cut Patent-Leather DressGirl on Fire Stretch Jersey T ShirtJacquard Trimmed Twill Jumpsuit

Like any true vessel, The Hunger Games' Katnsis Everdeen leaves us intoxicated and wanting more, so it was no shock that Net-a-Porter "catches fire" with an inspired clothing collection we couldn't resist it. The collection entitled Capitol Collection features 19 ready-to-wear signature pieces embodying our favorite female fantasy. Concocted straight from Trish Summerville, the Hunger Games costume designer, the collection includes a plethora of sweatshirts, cut-out jumpsuits, and even the perfect cocktail dresses. With a price point ranging from $75 to $995, the Capitol Collection allows the odds to be in everyone's favor this holiday season. Click through to see our must-have pieces from the collection!