On Their Own Schedules, But Not Dime

by Rachelle Hruska · March 17, 2008

    look book [Photo via NYMag] Eglantina Zingg and Elisa Estrada, Travelers

    The Look Book looks to have gotten its act back together this week, after several disappointing weeks....and they're back with quite the pair. Eglantina and Elisa are "travelers". Like traveling is their actual occupation. Clad in Fendi Fur, I'm wondering who their employer is that is providing their salary...I would gladly send over my resume.

    What do you guys do? ELISA: Right now I am living life. Because I can. I’m living, and I’m enjoying. I collect art, I collect fashion. I can’t lie to you, I love it. At some point you follow a type of life with a schedule, and I kind of said, “You know what? I’m going to take a hike for a while.” EGLANTINA: I was just in the Amazon. My father has a farm there. I was doing some work that was ecofriendly, planting trees. I study drama in London too.

    "Living life without a schedule" and "planting trees in the Amazon".... Best.Job.Description.Ever.