The Cantoire Fashion Show At Mansion

by MIKEL MCCOY · March 17, 2008

    “Why the eff would Michelle ever go back to Boston?” stated GuestofaGuest editor Rachelle Hruska. Do we miss her? OK, kind of, sort of, yeah. Rachelle comments, “She really was a staple woman in the New York scene. Michelle’s extremely well spoken and very sharp for such a young woman. She’s very unassuming and poised, which seemed to make her character so attractive to so many people. Everyone loves her.” We recently spotted McKelvey with her summer eye candy catch, Jason Hannett--owner of 1Oak, TenJune, and Marquee--dining at Butter (reported bill over $1,000 with two bottles of wine and four courses each), the couple seemed cozy until we asked Michelle, “Girls, it’s very simple, Jason and I are just friends.” BUT the next night Mark Gigilio (owner of Butter, Hudson Terrace, and Avenue) cancelled an interview with us, only to later find out that he surprised McKelvey at TenJune with a bottle of Champagne and FOUR bouquets of

    purple roses. WTF?! When we asked McKelvey about the incident, all she said “We’re good friends.” Yet, when we pried Mark and he said, “…we’ve been dating since August. I’m really happy with her.” When we approached Michelle, she laughed, “I enjoy Mark, but again, he’s a friend. I’m interested in someone else at the mome

    nt in Boston who I really care about.” When we asked who this mystery man was, she failed to comment. But why would you NOT be interested in two of New York’s most powerful men? Again, we don’t get her. Who does that!?

    McKelvey’s relations have caused quite the buzz within our circle. First of all, Michelle was the first woman that w

    e’ve ever publicly seen Jason with, and we’ve never seen Mark even remotely close to any sort of dating dinner scene. AND when we asked Jason about his relations

    with McKelvey, he stated, “I come across too many women in my business, and she caught my eye from the second I met her. I know it sounds cheesy, but she’s an amazing woman. Any man would be lucky to have her.” Jason, please spare us the romantics, we’re falling asleep.

    We’ve also heard multiple rumors from our little birdies that McKelvey has gotten numerous offers from nightlife business tycoons to partner in owning and operating several lounges in New York. But, how can a 19 year old girl (who can’t even legally have a cocktail) enter the social scene of sharks, and after three months be

    bombarded with offers to own clubs in our city? She can’t be that great.

    Again, many things we don’t get about Michelle McKelvey and have two of the biggest, hottest business tycoons in our city wrapped around her finger…and TURN THEM DOWN. Cynthia Lawless, reporter for New York Times, who recently interviewed McKelvey comments, “I sat down with Michelle last week. She was one of the most charming, genuine women I’ve interviewed while working at the Times.”