The New Oreo Flavor Set To Ruin Your Bikini Body

by Liz Martinelli · July 15, 2016

    Do you remember every day you spent sweating in preparation for that itsy-bitsy bikini? Every weight you desperately tried to lift, every mile you sprinted, every overly-peppy instructor who screamed at you to push through? Weeks and weeks of gluten-free this and no-carb diet that just to look your most fuego during the season of no clothes! And you achieved it. You trained and trained and have been rocking your two-pieces all summer long. Well, are you ready to throw all that work away and embrace a breezy caftan? Because your reason is here, and it is the most orgasmic mash up of everyone's favorite desert aisle debate.

    Chocolate. Chip. Oreo. Cookie.

    That's right, amongst the dozens of new flavors rolled out by Oreo in the last few months the pièce de résistance has finally been bestowed upon us. The Choco-chip Oreo is everything we could have dreamed of in a cheat snack and more. If you don't believe us, go try it for yourself - they're available in stores everywhere - but only for a limited time, so stockpile these delectable little sandwich cookies while you can. 

    [Photo via @baketotheroots]