New York Has A Club For Everything - Even Croissants

by Guest of A Guest · June 14, 2024

    If there's two things people love in this city it's croissants and clubs.

    Finally, someone is giving the people what they really want - enter Raf's Croissant Club

    The NoHo foodie is welcoming in a new chef each week to whip up a truly unique specialty croissant. Limited quantities available daily, you know, because too much of a good thing or something like that...

    The flaky fun started last month with Camari Mick and Sohla El-Waylly's Spiced Potato ‘Crosa,’ and will continue in the months to come, with culinary talents from Jon & Vinny's, Semma, Thai Diner and more showing off their most creative takes on the treat.

    Now for the "exclusive" bit. 

    The first 100 Croissant Club customers were given a ‘Croissant Punch Card’ to use for every drop, with those who make it to every collaboration receiving a limited edition Raf’s hat. 

    [Photos courtesy Raf's]