Greek Salad 101

by Joseph Russell · July 9, 2008

    summer saladsMy mother makes the. best. greek. salad. period. Perhaps this is because she lived in Athens for a semester, perhaps because she's worked as a chef, perhaps because she always uses high quality ingredients. Her version, which contains only tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, purple onion, fresh feta, kalamata olives, and extra virgin olive oil, has turned me into a total Greek salad snot (iceberg lettuce, greek dressing, and feta crumbles need not apply), and once you try it, you'll be one too. ????????!

    3 cucumbers, seeded

    4 green peppers

    4-5 medium tomatoes, or 2 bags of cherry tomatoes

    purple onion, minced very fine (1/4 onion)

    3/4lbs of fresh sheep's milk Feta

    1 scant pint Kalamata olives, WITH pits  -- they lose their taste when pitted

    olive oil


    Chop the peppers, tomatoes, cukes, and feta as fine or thick as you'd like, add the minced onion and olives, and apply liberal amounts of olive oil, and oregano to taste. Toss and eat whenever, preferably with good quality peasant bread. We like Iggy's francese.