Look At This $10,000 Burger... For A Cause

by Stephanie Maida · March 21, 2017

    There are few foods out there in the land of the rich that we haven't seen be made ridiculously pricey. A $2000 caviar and gold-flaked pizza, for example, barely gets the bat of an eye. But a $10,000 burger? Without even the extravagant edition of liquefied diamond mayonnaise or something? Well, it just sold in - where else - Dubai. But before you get your patties in a bunch (see what we did there?), you should at least know that it was all for charity. At least some ridiculous things exist for a good cause.

    Sold at auction to benefit Pink Caravan, a breast cancer awareness initiative in the United Arab Emirates, the world's most expensive burger was created by Russell Impiazzi, culinary director at Dubai's Le Gourmet, and a member of Qatar's royal family, Sheikh Moe Al Thani. It contained seven beef patties (representing the UAE's seven emirs), as well as aged cheddar and veal bacon. The winning bidder? A badass boss lady of course. Asma Al Fahim, the founder of lifestyle magazine Villa 88, took this whopping meal home, proving that yes, women can out-eat a man any day.

    [Photo via @thepinkcaravan]