Lunchables: An Ode To Sardines

by Joseph Russell · July 16, 2008

    sardine sandwichUp through third grade, my mother made me lunch. Actually, made isn't quite the right term; assembled works better. At that time, I had three younger siblings -cutting crusts off whole wheat fluffernutters was not an option. Neither, though I begged and threw many a tantrum, were Lunchables or SnakPacks or anything that came in a bright plastic container. What I got were sardines, a box of Stone Wheat thins, and a hunk of cheese.

    My classmates could tolerate cheese and crackers, but watching me eat fish tails was another story. I started hiding the red-wrapped cans behind our stonewall each morning before the bus came. They're probably still there.

    Recently however, I've amassed enough self-confidence to eat them again, and one of my (and my mother's) favorite ways to do so is on sourdough bread, layered with just enough tapenade and a drizzle of lemon juice. Toast the bread and you've got yourself a warm, crunchy, fatty, Omega 3-filled delight!

    [Image via Hakka House]