"Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts" Miansai's $10k Solid Gold iPhone Case

by Yumi Matsuo · April 24, 2012

    We are always searching for the next best iPhone case, and we've come across a goldmine. Designer Michael Saiger of Miansai, known for his trendy line of arm candy for men, has come out with a solid 14k gold iPhone case. Yes that's right, for an easy $10,000, Miansai designs custom made cases that are individually numbered and engraved.

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    Native New Yorker, Michael gave GQ the scoop on how this case came about.

    "I originally made one of these to showcase on my blog, but people kind of went crazy for it, so we decided to put them up for sale."

    His line of men's and women's accessories is one of the hottest items on the market, and is carried in stores like Barneys, Saturdays, Collette, and Surf Bazaar at The Surf Lodge. Recently, he launched an online store for Miansai, which is where customers can order his newest luxury creation of handmade cases. Each case takes him about 2 weeks to design and is available in yellow or rose gold.

    Still not convinced? Here is the golden answer, as Thrillist put it,

    The next time your buddy’s like, “oh, check it out, I just downloaded the newest episode of Pawn Stars to my iPhone,” you can be like “Oh really? Well you suck, because I did that too, except mine’s completely covered in gold."

    So it's time to jazz up your look this spring, with a statement piece for your iPhone. The case (worth 20 times more than your iPhone) is sure to protect your phone from all the shenanigans you put it through this summer.

    Go HERE to buy Miansai's gold case!

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