"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts" Get Ready For Glamping With FieldCandy Tents

by Georgia Bobley · March 27, 2012

    We've written all about why we hate glamping, but these tents from FieldCandy are making us (or me, at least) rethink our deep-rooted loathing. Available a variety of designs and colors, FieldCandy's tents are the ultimate way to stand out from the crowd on any camping trip.

    In addition to the cool prints on the tents, FieldCandy promises that you won't struggle setting them up like you might with other typical tents.

    But the best part about FieldCandy's creations is the size. According to the website:

    "FieldCandy tents are significantly larger than most two person tents, making for a more comfortable and spacious sleeping area. Plus a separate lobby/porch area for storage or wet items."

    Spacious sleeping area? Lobby/porch? This is getting me closer and closer to the wilderness! You can take a virtual tour of the inside and outside features of the tent HERE, and check out more awesome tents HERE.

    But don't start packing your camping bag just yet-- these tents will costs you anywhere from $600-$1,000!

    Glamping may have some pitfalls after all...

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