"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts" Mantyhose, For Bros Looking For Hose

by Daniel Reynolds · March 8, 2012

    Your man looking a little bare-legged these days? Check out the mantyhose, Europe’s hottest new trend for bros looking for hose. Broadening a market once confined to women and the male employees of Medieval Times, Italian designer Emilio Cavallini has created a custom line of patterns, such as skulls, checks, and stars, that will appeal to the manliest of consumers.

    And improved elasticity and porousness ensures that even the overly endowed will feel like there’s room to spare.

    Still not sold? These guylons are not only stylish, but have the added health benefits of therapeutic relief, warming during winter, and protection from pesky jellyfish stings on fishing trips. (Don't forget the Chanel Fishing Rod.)

    So hurry and pick up a pair, before there’s a “run” on these stockings!

    Available at emiliocavallini.com for $27.

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