The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts: Party Rats, For Raving And Blogging

by Yumi Matsuo · March 20, 2012

    Party Rats are really something to rave about. This is the greatest invention for those of us who rage at night and go home later to blog about it. These plastic rats fit on your finger and emit different colored beams of light and allows you to create you own personal light show at any party -- all the while serving as a convenient tool for night blogging.

    There is no need to worry about striking up a conversation at the bar, or looking awkward by yourself in the corner anymore-- these lights will take care of your party image. Even better, you can blog after coming home from your late night shenanigans without worrying about keeping anyone up.

    These rats also come in handy for any emergency blogging situation-- which yes, happens quite often in the blogging world. You will be a step ahead of the rest of the bloggers if you have these party rats stashed in your purse. Slip them on and real-time blog in between light shows during the party.

    The perfect gift for any GofG staff member-- because on any given night, if we're not raging, you can bet your ass we're blogging.

    Go HERE to buy the party rats for only $6.00! (Five rats in each package with batteries included)

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