Well, why wouldn't you? You know you've always wanted to be titled, so now's your chance to die (or undie) a countess. Just make sure you don't dress up for a date with the dark prince in any silver jewelry. Leave it to Airbnb to offer a one-night stay in Transylvania, at the actual haunt that inspired Bram Stoker's 1897 book - and subsequent legend - Dracula

This Halloween, the site has teamed up with vampire expert and Bram's great grandnephew, Dacre Stoker, to give one lucky guest (and a friend) a luxurious night within the walls of Bran Castle. From the horse-drawn carriage ride to the candlelit dinner through a secret passageway, expect to sink your teeth into some nocturnal revelry. Winners will have full access to all 57 rooms and can explore freely before retiring to their velvet-lined coffins at dawn.

Since the listing warns of unexpected visitors in the moonlight, make sure you kill your garlic breath before flirting with any fangs. We hear that really dampens the mood.

Click through for an inside look at Dracula's iconic lair.

[Photos via Airbnb]