The Simple Summer Share House Guide: Party Like Tobias Funke!

by Chelsea Burcz · May 6, 2011

    "Cover yourself in blue paint, bang on plastic tubes, and keep silent." Is this a weird, kinky rave? Way better - now you can party like the Blue Man group (or Tobias Funke, as we prefer) in your Hamptons' summer share house! Blue Man Group co-founder, Chris Wink, is selling his 3,500-sq ft contemporary styled home in Amagansett. And it sounds awesome...

    It's been reported that Wink's home is quite unique, indeed...

    The exterior entirely outfitted in natural wood, and features 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an open kitchen with skylight, and a gorgeous outdoor entertaining area with a spacious deck, suspended outdoor shower, and a “mushroom shaped pool” which gives the dual advantage of being “great for laps or just relaxing.”

    A mushroom shaped pool!? I wouldn't expect anything less.

    The home is currently listed at $5.75 million, a hefty price - but a home like this is priceless for those of you hardcore summer share housers. Think of the novelty of it all!

    The "Mushroom" Pool looks like it's just asking you to sip cocktails by it in cut off jean shorts, covered in blue paint.

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    Party like Tobias Funke!

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    Hardcore Tobias Funke partiers that go all out!

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