Arden Wohl The Artist

by Stanely Stuyvesant · July 10, 2008

    Arden Wohl

    I have always loved Arden Wohl. She is a modern day avant-garde rebel who, at her young age has been setting trends for countless fashionites for years.  Today, she showed up in Page Six:

    WACKY, headband-sporting socialite Arden Wohl should save her lipstick for her lips. She was arrested Saturday in East Hampton for scrawling "Ralphy Lip- s - - - s" on Ralph Lauren's store at 31 Main St., according to East Hampton Village Police. The designer was born Ralph Lipschitz. "Police received a call of someone making graffiti, and later found Ms. Wohl, who admitted to doing so. She also allegedly took several small hand-held American flags that the store had on display for decoration," cops said. "Ms. Wohl was charged with making graffiti and petit larceny." She will be arraigned Aug. 28.

    I'm not sure what her statement was behind this latest drama, but I am sure it makes a GREAT dinner table story.  This will be categorized under "Hampton Art" for sure.

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