A Creepy-Cool, Futuristic Art Show You Can't Miss In The Hamptons

by Christie Grimm · July 16, 2019

    If you don't make a habit of popping into Guild Hall to see what they've got going on, you're doing yourself quite the disservice. First of all, entry is free. Which in the Hamptons is basically a criminal word. And second, it plays host to some of the coolest art installations in New York - not just the East End.

    Their exhibition au moment? Tony Oursler's 'Water Memory.' The renowned artist's new multimedia series features works incorporating glass, computers and water. 

    Personally, I would describe the experience as a Westworld-ish lens into the future of AI. Dimly lit rooms filled with large glass shaped bulbs projected with uncannily real feeling faces as water streams over them, and stick figured robots blinking with a convincing degree of consciousness stunted by a lack of physical agency.

    Officially, the show explores how "the ubiquitous element of water becomes a repository for our belief systems as the artist references the development of cartography and the subsequent vanishing of sea monsters, Hollywood movies and evil maritime spirits, counterculture and the pseudoscience of water memory."

    Either way you cut it, the whole thing is a real trip to walk through. And with its last day on exhibit being this Sunday the 21st, we can't stress enough how desperately you need to check it out!