The World According To Peter Tunney

by BRITTA LOFGREN · August 13, 2010

    Last Saturday, guests of the Hamburg Kennedy Gallery got a glimpse into the world through artist Peter Tunney's eyes. And it was a beautiful, beautiful world to be seen.

    Go HERE for more photos from the Peter Tunney exhibit at HK Gallery!

    Curated by Melody Weir, the installation is a microcosm of where Tunney lives and where we all live – in a beautiful world. Weir notes that:

    “We are so mired in the horrors of the world -- they are making us sick. Peter's works transform our lives with positive messages, symbols and colors that exude happiness and whimsy.”

    Inspired by the voracious reader’s literary journeys, the works contain refreshingly optimistic phrases and quotes that are colorfully painted in acrylic over collage. "BELIEVE", “MERCY”, “AMAZING GRACE “, “STARDUST”, "GRATITUDE" and "CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE EVERYTHING" provide a refreshing change to the often suffocating worries of the world around us.

    Seth Greenberg, Peter Tunney ; Todd Coffin, Annabel Vartanian, Brian Farrell

    Richard Ash M.D., Rachel Paletsky ; Peter Tunney, Henry Buhl

    We first became fans of the HK Summer Salon, an extension of the NY based Hamburg Kennedy Photographs, after visiting the opening for the Elliot Erwitt photography exhibit.  The Summer Salon is the first gallery in the Hamptons to feature a broad range of carefully curated art, from secondary market to emerging artists. It features important contemporary masterworks by artists such as Massimo Vitali, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Andy Warhol, Bert Stern, David LaChapelle, Roberto Dutesco, Peter Beard and many others. In the spirit of vernissage, the Salon aims to educate, engage, encourage dialogue and inspire its visitors -- from the art expert to the novice -- through intimate gatherings and special guests throughout the summer into November.