Walls Looking A Little Bare In Your Summer House? Turn To Jessica Craig-Martin

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 5, 2009

    [Jessica Craig-Martin's "Air Kiss", Cancer Benefit, Southampton 2006]

    Even if fashion photography isn't really your thing, there's still a good chance you might want Jessica Craig-Martin's pictures adorning the walls of your Hamptons abode (or anywhere else for that matter). While her subjects may never stray far from high society, the contracted Vogue photographer has been known to take some pictures we're not quite sure Anna Wintour would approve for editorial spreads. And there's an entire set of these conversation starters that were taken - where else? - in the East End. We have yet to see artwork that epitomizes, mocks, and glorifies the Hamptons all at once any better than Craig-Martin's. So if you're in the market for some new wall trimmings, we suggest you take a look. Because with names like "Real Wasps", "Renovation Complete", and "Brooks Brothers Weiner", we're sure you'll crack a smile, even if you won't be cracking open your wallet.

    "Real Wasps", Southampton 2006

    "Brooks Brothers Weiner", Southampton 2006

    "Peace/Cannabis Loafers", Southampton 2007