Beach Read Of The Day

by Stanely Stuyvesant · June 26, 2008

    eatprayloveEat. Pray. Love. By Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes, I realize this book was popularized in 2006 and I am probably the last one to read it.  I did this on purpose.  When I first heard about it when it was released (before it became the #1 NY Times Bestseller), I wanted to read it. Then it just became too damn popular. And, somewhere in between seeing the 100th person carrying it on a plane with them, and seeing it in my mom's handbag, I decided I was over it.  I of course, always needing to feel like I have a leg up on the "commoners", would have to find something less "popular" so that I could feel "cool". Ah that silly paradox that fuels so many peoples choices and habits. Anyway, on to the book:

    And what a book it is! In my stubborn "hipness" I actually deprived myself of one of the most pleasant bed companions I've had in months.  Night after night last week, I found myself desperately trying to hold open my eyelids for "just one more bead" from Elizabeth's story.

    As she ate her way through Italy, prayed her way through India, and loved in Indonesia, I shut my mouth for once, and was along for the ride.

    This is one of those fun reads that is easy to savage through without making you feel like you wasted your time filling your head with more random fluff.  I literally felt like my viewpoint on the world, specifically Italy, India, Indonesia, Yoga, meditation, food, sex, relationships, and life in general was enlightened with this woman's fresh perspectives.  Because of this book, there is a very strong possibility that I too will make a spiritual journey by myself sometime down the road.  Her writing is funny, original, and clean.

    The reason so many people loved this book in the first place is that it transcends age, race, social class, etc., etc.  Everyone that reads it will most likely be able to get something out of it....which is why, next time, I'll just follow the herd with matters like this.  Maybe you guys really do get it right sometimes.  Now, I'm NOT giving up my cotton Hanes....