Hamptons Beach Read Of The Day: Gossip Girl

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 25, 2009

    There are guilty pleasures and then there is Gossip Girl, the novel that everyone's favorite show was based on. Yes, in case you never knew, the CW show was based on a book by Cecily Von Zeigesar - an entire series actually. Its' similarities are obvious, even if there are striking differences (Jenny is a five foot tall curly haired art freak, Vanessa has a shaved head, and Blair chops all her hair off and runs away to London for a few months - all in a series time). Worst of all though, there's no Dorota... But regardless, you'll definitely enjoy this easy read that came out nearly a decade ago, with its city living references and it's cast of characters we've grown to love thanks to the series. Unfortunately, you might need to make a book cover for it, as not to embarrass yourself on the beach, but the good things in life never come easy, do they?