Hamptons Beach Read Of The Day: The Park Avenue Diet

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 9, 2009

    How does that saying go? 'A woman can never be too rich or too thin'? Well, we don't know if we agree with the Duchess of Windsor there, but it seems like there are plenty of people in the Hamptons that do. In The Park Avenue Diet: The Complete 7-Point Plan For A Lifetime Of Health And Beauty, Dr. Stuart Fischer, M.D approaches the topic of weight loss and management from every angle. And we mean every. Including Tinsley Mortimer's, who serves as one of seven guest authors. The book covers nutrition, exercise, recipes, tips on make-up and dress, and Tinsley's... interpersonal skills and charm? Regardless, the read does offer tons of helpful insight from professionals and is worthy of a place on your bookshelf this summer and well into fall.