'Tis the season for long train rides and lounging around for hours under an umbrella at the beach. And no more important accessory could there be to take along than a fun book to pass the time. 

This summer's most popular beach read is without a doubt It’s Hot in the HamptonsLike, there's no way you haven't seen this book cover everywhere. First, because it's a pretty great cover. And second, because it's a pretty great book. A brilliant satire detailing the hilarious tale of an East Hampton local turned city girl who suddenly finds herself caught up in the glamorous whirlwind that is Manhattan's elite world of privilege, entitlement, and infidelity, this novel's a total page turner.

This past weekend, author Holly Peterson was celebrated at a quintessentially Hamptons fête held at Ralph Lauren's Southampton store. So much rosé, so little time. Click through for an inside look at the soirée, and snag your copy today before you're the absolute last one to the party!

[Event photos by Roberto Matteo Photography]