Hampton Artist's New Retreat

by guestofaguest · May 21, 2008

    Local Hampton artists finally have a place to showcase their ideas and prove what they are made of! The Deshuk Rivers Art Studio venue is now available to host exhibitions of any genre. The fine artist and owner of the studio, Daria Deshuk, was the first to display her work at it’s grand opening. Her exhibition featured her psychedelic photography series called “Finding Narcissus”, inspired by the ancient myth of Narcissus.

    The studio offers a front exhibition space for rent, available to any eager creator.When first attaining the studio Ms. Dushuk was probably the only one who could see any glimmer of hope in the disintegrating space. However, with her creative insight, she was able to transform the prior ugly duckling into a beautiful magnificent swan. Whether you are an artist trying to get your name heard, or a local art enthusiast this studio should prove a worthwhile visit.

    The Deshuk Rivers Art Studio Bridgehampton at 141 Maple Street

    [27 East]