Hamptons Car Of The Day

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · July 19, 2010

    Caffeine on wheels? AND it tweets? This may sound too good to be true to some, but then again, there's no place like the Hamptons.

    So, we all know Montauk is great for surfing, beaching, and cuisine. But sometimes you just REALLY miss your morning coffee fix from Hampton Coffee. Well fear no more, beach bums! Hampton Coffee now comes to you out of a custom-built Mercedes Van, with all that hand-roasted, estate-grown coffee you've come to love.  The car even tweets its current location, so your coffee fix can be expedited as much as possible. The Hampton Coffee Truck is to the overexhausted Hampton partyer what the ice cream truck used to be to the neighborhood children. We can't wait to see what other items that Hamptons will make mobile next!! Any thoughts?

    [Photos via Hampton Coffee]