Adrian Grenier Rocks Out On The Drums In The Hamptons

by Maggie McGlinchy · August 9, 2011

    Although he is best known for starring in Entourage (unless you're like me and knew him way back when in his "Drive Me Crazy" days. Yes, I just went there) Adrian Grenier can also be recognized for his philanthropic interests and musical talents. Grenier attended Oceana’s 2nd Annual Hamptons Splash Party with his band The Honey Brothers who performed that evening for guests.

    Not only did he perform however, but according to, he shared "with guests how he spent a memorable day on the beach and how we are in charge of the ocean’s future before it’s potential demise within ten years." Well shoot Grenier, you seem to have the whole package: good looks, talent and a heart. Swooooon. [Photo via]