Who Will J.Lo Date Next?

by Annie Rooney · August 15, 2011

    The recently broken up couple, J.Lo and Marc Anthony were seen together in the Hamptons not long ago. According to the NY Daily News, the two "looked every bit like the sexy couple they once were, riding next to each other in the backseat of a red convertible." So are they back together? Errr, not quite. Mark Anthony's rep was quick to clarify that the two were only spending time with their twins. Good parents! So that it's clarified J.Lo's single, who will she date next?

    Well we're thinking you should re-mingle with an ex or musical collaborator, just like you did with Marc Anthony. We all know your publicity isn't half as good when you're flying solo so next time you're out in the Hamptons we want to see you mixing it up with one of these.

    Lil Wayne

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    Is your newest tune "I'm Into You," your way of finagling a new relationship, J.Lo? From what we know you haven't dated Weezy yet but maybe you should. This way he'll give you more than a short stint in your next musical collaboration.

    Ben Affleck, Round 2

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    We loved Bennifer. We loved Jenny From The Block. And J.Lo you definitely were the happiest and glowiest in this relationship. It's time to shine again.

    LL Cool J

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    We thought he was all you had back in 2003? And now it would be a fantastic combination. Jennifer Lopez meet Ladies Love Cool James. There's a lot to work with there.

    P.Diddy, Round 2

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    Well Diddy sure did it back then. But I don't think he understood the memo "Love Don't Cost A Thing." We get it Diddy, "It's easy to be Puff but it's hard to be Sean." But if that eye turning green dress makes a resurrected appearance, we'll have our suspicions, Sean P. Combs.

    Ja Rule

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    And last, but certainly not least, we love Ja Rule. Who doesn't love Ja? Honestly, he might be my number one pick. He's the realest of the real. J.Lo, you need to get back on this track!