Battle of the Main Streets: Ice Cream

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · June 29, 2010

    There's nothing like a bit of your favorite ice cream on a hot summer day, whether it's after a long Saturday on the beach or during a lazy Sunday afternoon. We all love our sweets, and this week, Main Street Westhampton, Southampton, and East Hampton battle it out to provide you with just the satiation you're looking for.

    Westhampton: Main Street Sweets

    By the time you are in your 20's, there is definitely one important milestone you've reached: having an undoubtedly favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Whether it's Cherry Garcia or Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Main Street Sweets in Westhampton has the flavor you're looking for. Though we consider the infamous B&J pint as one serving size (especially during a sad movie or after a bad breakup), Main Street Sweets serves up your favorite in a cup, cone or shake, which leaves plenty of room for their scrumptious Country Fresh Fudge to be devoured shortly after. We definitely consider this a mainstream match for your basic ice cream needs.

    Main Street Sweets: 121 Main Street, Westhampton, NY, Phone: 631-288-5753 (call for weekday hours)

    Southampton: Fudge Company

    Fudge Company is one of those places where you never leave with only what you came for, and the hard and low-fat soft-serve are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to choices. If you're on a diet, you may consider the friendly staff behind the counter devils in disguise, as the graciously offer you to taste an array of fudges before you even decide if you want fudge in the first place (we dare you to try and leave with less than a quarter pound). Aside from the fudge, and the kid friendly candy shelves, the ice cream has a worthwhile variety of 30 flavors. The hard scoop ice cream has most of the popular flavors, but what is really wonderful about Fudge Company is the low-fat and low-sugar options that remarkably still taste exquisite. If you can avoid the fudge demons, it's the ideal choice for some great tasting ice cream that won't you won't regret in the morning, and wins the title delectable diet dessert.

    Fudge Company: 67 Main Street, Southampton, NY, Phone: 631-283-8108 [website]

    East Hampton: Scoop Du Jour

    According to TripAdvisor members, "you can smell the waffle cones for miles," from Scoop Du Jour. Located in East Hampton, its gained a reputation as a quaint, mom-and-pop establishment that offers great ice cream and other desserts the old fashioned way. After losing its lease in 2003 to none other than the coffee giant Starbucks, Scoop Du Jour relcoated on Newton Lane and is proving itelse to be the little engine that could. It is quintessentially East Hampton, not on every street corner in Manhattan, not boasting a billion dollar annual income, but still keeping locals and weekenders coming back for more delightful treats. However, for those Manhattanites aching for a little taste of home, Scoop Du Jour does sell the sinful Crumbs cupcakes. YUM. With so much to offer, it has retained its happy and supportive customers and wins over our hearts as the homey hotspot.

    Scoop Du Jour: 35 Newton Lane, East Hampton, NY, Phone: 631-329-4883

    [Photo 1 via Fancy Flours, Photo 2 via [Fudge Co] Photo 3 via [Yelp]